3-D Coordinate Geometry & Error Propagation

Based Upon the Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM)

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Discriminating between Tru 3-D and Pseudo 3-D is important. (Items of possible interest include.)

       -----  Updated Figure 6 from 1991 paper showing original usage of "True 3-D" and "Pseudo 3-D" Click here.   June 26, 2023

       -----  Timeline Showing Development of True 3-D Concepts with the GSDM Click here.   April 21, 2023

       -----  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, & others. Examples related to AI and 3-D using ChatGPT.   March 2023
       -----  Tru 3-D is compatible with CORS, HD Maps, and AI. See Carlsbad CORS.   February 2023
       -----  Proposal to NIST for standardization  Memo  actual proposal and justification Why GSDM?  January 2023

       -----  Comparing Tru 3-D with Pseudo 3-D click here. 

       -----  Looking at impact of gravity click here. 

       -----  By comparison, the GSDM is "Simple." click here. 

       -----  Summary of NSRS Modernization challenge AGU poster.

       -----  The Role of a Model is CRITICAL! click here. 

       -----  A 3D perspective includes more than just spatial data and geometry. 

       -----  Comments on NMGAC virtual meeting February 14, 2023 click here. and May 9 2023 click here.

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